Nonprofit and charitable organizations face many legal and business issues. Some of those issues are similar to those faced by for-profit organizations; others are unique. As they strive to accomplish their charitable purposes and generate revenues, grants, and donations, many nonprofit and charitable organizations need assistance with the substantial legal and business problems they encounter.  Lawyers at Wheeler Upham address the general and special needs of their nonprofit and charitable clients in a supportive and efficient manner.

Wheeler Upham has an active, wide-ranging tax-exempt organizations practice conducted by lawyers who are experienced in the representation of nonprofit organizations.

At Wheeler Upham, we take seriously our role as advisors to tax-exempt organizations. This means putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes, asking our clients what they want and need from their attorneys and then providing all of that and more. It means drawing on our extensive legal knowledge as well as our practical experience with not-for-profit organizations of all types.  It means understanding our clients’ objectives and then providing the resources and the commitment to make them happen.

Our attorneys have considerable real-world experience with the challenges and opportunities facing foundations and other not-for-profits. In addition to our work on behalf of our clients, we are committed to serving our communities through volunteer and leadership positions in a number of organizations and by serving on various governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Wheeler Upham attorneys are ready to assist in all aspects of a nonprofit’s start-up, including choice of entity and filing for tax-exempt status. We understand that decisions made during the formation process directly affect an organization’s future success. We also work with our established clients, counseling with respect to governance structures and best practices.

Contact one of these attorneys with your nonprofit or charitable organization questions:

Michael J. TerBeek
Shane A. Henry