Wheeler Upham provides the counsel, advice, and litigation support all employers need. Perhaps no other area of the law is more difficult for a business to navigate or exposes it to greater unexpected litigation risk.  Wheeler Upham’s litigation experience in the areas of employment discrimination, non-competes, trade secrets, Family and Medical Leave Act, disability accommodation, and unemployment claims enables the firm to provide efficient and cost effective counsel and litigation support to employers. We also help with non-litigation support services, such as drafting employee handbooks, non-discrimination policies, noncompete agreements, affirmative action plans, personnel contracts, reasonable accommodation processes, and employee buyout agreements.

Wheeler Upham also works with employees to negotiate employment agreements, to obtain reasonable accommodations for disabilities, to enforce FMLA rights, and to pursue discrimination claims.

Get in touch with one of these attorneys to discuss your employment law questions:

Glenn L. Smith
John M. Roels
Michael J. TerBeek
Daniel J. James 
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